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Council, an intimate gathering of our friends, and yours

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A Christmas Council at The Masters Club, a hot new to you venue in the ventricles of So-ho-ho

Entrance: £5 in cashmoney, £7 after midnight

9pm -3.30am

Council cuts the ribbon on a new monthly party, starting with the December classic at a new to you W1 location.
Expect a warm welcome, a hot dancefloor, and a music policy that will make you want to dance like no ones watching.*
This the most fun you can have in soho on a saturday night, hell, on any night!
So, with a tip of the wink to the festive month, expect garlands of electro classics, new and old, yule logjams of eighties trashy fun and egg nog ladlefulls of indie pop. Sarah Malinky, Choccy and Acme djs unwrap the music.
For louche lads, gregarious gals, camp queers, interlopers, bohemians. In short, a picaresque assortment of low lifes looking for some December high rolling.

* Please note. Council cannot guarantee that people will not be watching.


The Masters Club
12 Denman Street

Phone Number

07816 405791

Additional Telephone Info


Contact Names

sarah malinky

Opening Times


Opening Days

the last saturday of every month

Special Features

In December, the party is on December 9th

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