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Why are we here? This ancient question is the quest of a life time for some people. We, as Paraguayan gays, think that we have found our answer... We are ParaGay, a non-profit association of gay men living in this beautiful country, full of contradictions and colourful people. We are here for our fellow men and women, gays from Paraguay and all over the world. We are here to change the old ways. Furthermore, we are here as witnesses of these changes, changes that are already taking place, to foster and bolster them. We are here to show a different image of the Paraguayan gay people. We want to show them as we know them.... fun, bright, smart, honest, optimistic, hard-working, sensitive and –why not?– sexy people.

To do this, we are improving and innovating the ways in which we communicate and express, exposing our culture, artwork and way of life to the world. All of this, in a very colourful website and through several projects that we are developing. So, why don't you to join us in this enterprise? Take a part in it, participate, voice your thoughts...

You will find us in http:\\ and, in the middle of South America, on an island surrounded by land.


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