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Queens of Sheba - Live Cabaret Club

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29th April 06
7:30pm - Midnight

Piers Atkinson, Katharine Blake, Nick Marsh, Katie Carr, Sarah Operetta induces the Hat Parade, plus Much More!

Queens of Sheba: for those who exist for pleasure alone - Commune and Cavort unabated in Stoke Newington's Hanging Gardens of Babylon; Abney Public Hall.

Prance abated in an unfettered attempt to usurp the throne of The Queen Of Sheba

Make an unshackled bid for glory, Seize the Sceptre, Capture the Crown & Wantonly Mount
the Throne. Witness Celestial Ululations, Versificational Musings and Supreme Swanings.

Just Who Do You Think You Are?
The Queen of Sheba?

Keep the Crown but can you keep the title?
Women. Men. Booze. Entertainment.
What More Could You Possibly Want, locally?


Abney Public Hall
73a Stoke Newington Church Street
N16 0AS

Phone Number

0207923 9332

Additional Telephone Info


Contact Names

Emily Ovenden

Opening Times

7:30pm - Midnight

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