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Gay finance - pensions, life insurance and tax advice from Isis Financial Planners - committed to fighting discrimination Gay discrimination in financial services is real... Much gay discrimination has been worn away over the last few years. The UK Government has even passed the Civil Partnerships Act granting rights to same-sex couples (this will be enacted from 5 December 2005). Unfortunately, the gay and lesbian community is still highly discriminated against within financial services. This gay finance site, brought to you by Isis Financial Planners Limited, explains the discrimination and offers advice on how you can minimise the impact of this inequality. Life Insurance - Discrimination Gay men are STILL asked to go for HIV tests by life insurance companies. Gay men still have to pay much higher premiums than heterosexual men. Tax - Discrimination Unmarried couples, including same-sex couples, are not recognised by Inheritance Tax Rules and will have to pay a large proportion of their estate, on their death to the Inland Revenue. Civil Partners are expected to be exempt from inheritance tax (from 5 December 2005). Pensions - Discrimination The pension industry does not treat gay men and lesbians equally. Many pension schemes still do not recognise same-sex couples or even Civil Partners.

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