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When Gay Times magazine launched 21 years ago the world was a very different place from today. To travel confidently gay men concentrated on a few well-known resorts, but over the years the travel section within Gay Times has explored places you may have only dreamed of in an effort to inspire you to set out across the globe with assurance. As the gay travel industry has expanded, so have we. Now, will bring you the best travel content from Gay Times Magazine and an extensive range of extra features, including tried and tested destinations, places we love, and hotels we can especially recommend. Updated frequently, our features, written by Gay Times' team of expert writers, will tell it like it is and help you to make informed decisions about your next trip. If a hotel claims to be 'gay friendly' but we find otherwise, our review will reflect that. All hotels and tour operators will be given the right to reply, but we are dedicated to the diverse needs of our readers and will provide impartial, free and comprehensive reviews of a wide range of destinations from across the globe. Gay Times has always strived to maintain high editorial standards and continues that tradition. However, we welcome comments and suggestions for improvement and want to hear from you if your travel experiences do not match our own. In addition you can post comments and connect with other travellers in our interactive Forum, whether you wish to seek advice about a particular destination or pass on your recommendations. will build into the most comprehensive information site for gay travellers, providing independent, impartial and exert advice to help you get to where you want to go and to inspire you to go to places you may never even have heard of.


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