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First launched on the 20th March 2000, The Gay Zone is gay owned and run with a primary objective to focus on services of interest to the gay community of the UK. Since our launch we have got bigger and bigger, and have had great support from our visitors, other gay sites and gay press. The Gay Zone aims to bring you the best of the gay web - all in one place. Since our launch we have been surfing the world wide web looking for the best gay websites, information, stories and just other great gay stuff just for you. Its a simple concept we do all the looking and present you with the best that the gay web has to offer, leaving you more time to do whatever else you like to do! The Gay Zone has evolved in to a searchable database of everything gay, gay related and of interest to the gay community accross the UK. We are constently updating the sites look, services and database of information. We have always had great support from our vistors, who have provided us with many links to interesting and informative gay sites. We now have thousands of entries in our searchable database, and over the coming days, months and years we will keep adding more and more websites, Highlighting some of the best and the newest entries each day on our homepage. Our aim is to become the first place to find anything gay on the web.

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