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A group for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people up to the age of 25.

An opportunity to meet with other people of a similar age and sexuality, and to share common views and to have some fun.

The group meets weekly on Mondays at Base 51on Glasshouse St.
Davina Daniels, the LGBT worker helping Outburst, can be phoned on 07940 761 160 or 0115 915 2882, or e-mailed at

the office at 2nd floor central library is
available for appointments and drop-in. However, I would advise a quick
call to let us know and ensure there is someone in the office. Phone
numbers below.

Davina Daniels
Outburst Worker for the Youth Service
Nottingham City Council
2nd Floor Central Library, Angel Row, NG1 6HP
M: 07940 761160
T: 0115 9152882


Base 51
Glasshouse St.

Phone Number

07940 761 160

Additional Telephone Info

Opening Times

Monday evenings

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