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Washington DC

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New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Dallas, San Antonio, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Provincetown, Palm Springs, Orlando, Honolulu,

Scene and Culture

As far as gay rights are concerned the US is full of contradictions. On the one hand It is probably fair to say that the gay movement began in the United States and that in many respects the US has lead the world with the development of its huge gay and lesbian scene and its many LGBT organisations. The US also has huge gay and lesbian web presence (almost a third of the links on this site are US sites) Other examples are the Gay Games movement which started in the US. However, against this many parts of the US lag behind other western countries on gay and lesbian rights. There is some sort of gay scene in virtually every state of the US. For visitors the places we would recommend include New York, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Provincetown, Miami and Palm Springs. All of these cities and resorts have large vibrant gay communities which are worth going to if you haven't been to them before.

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Legal Notes

The US is also a huge country and the laws on homosexuality vary enormously from state to state and from city to city. Some states are very progressive other states less so. For example there is gay marraige in Masschusets whilst Vermont, Connecticut, California, Maine, Hawaii, District of Columbia, and New Jersey offered benefits similar to marriage to same-sex partners partnership legislation. In many other states gay rights legislation lags far behind the other Western democracies.


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The United States is huge so the best time go depends on where you go. Generally it is fair to say that for most of the US you should go during the summer months from May to September. If heat is a problem for you go early or late in the summer. If you are heading to more southerly parts like Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii or Southern California you can comfortably go to these parts during the winter months. The US has a varied climate with conditions characteristic of temperate deserts to arctic. In general, the eastern seaboard has a continental climate due to the masses of air moving principally from west to east, except for Florida where the winters are the warmest in Continental USA and summers are hot with tornadoes common in the Mississippi River region. Central USA has a continental climate with extreme variations in temperature. Winters are usually cold with frequent blizzards while summers are hot and subject to tornadoes with conditions semiarid to the west and humid to the east. Coastal California has a warm Mediterranean climate while the Pacific Northwest Coast has a maritime climate influenced by the prevailing westerlies with cool summers and mild winters. Average temperature ranges in Washington DC are from -3c to 6c in January to 20c to 31c in July.

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