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Manchester, Birmingam, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Brighton, Blackpool, Bournemouth, York, Bradford, Liverpool

Scene and Culture

Despite its thriving lesbian and gay community, highly effective lobbying organisations, the UK historically had a poor record on gay and lesbian rights. Since 1997 when New Labour were elected into power there has been a sea change. Gay and Lesbian rights are now well protected en par with the the other main Western European liberal democracies. The gay scene in the UK is huge and vibrant. London unquestionably has the biggest gay scene in Europe with more than 150 bars, pubs, cafes and clubs. The total number of gay and lesbian establishments and organisations in the capital exceeds 500. There are also very visible communities in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Blackpool, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham as well as in many other smaller cities. The UK has a very large gay press with about 4 or 5 free papers and 4 subscription gay and lesbian magazines. Britain has also been very innovative in producing a lot of gay and lesbian interest TV including programmes such as "Queer as Folk". If you have not been to the UK in recent years you will find it unrecognisable. We would strongly recommend all gays and lesbians visit Britain if they can.

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Legal Notes

The recent homosexual law reform in the UK includes; equality on the age of consent for gay men, the lifting on the ban on gay and lesbian servicemen in the Armed Forces, on immigration same sex partners are now treated equally to unmarried heterosexual couples, liberalisation on the law relating to sex in private, relaxation of the classification of erotica under certificate R18 allowing explicit porn, the abolition of s28 Local Goverment Act 1988 and finally the introduction of legislation banning sexual orientation discrimination in the work place In 2005, a new Civil Partnership Act was introduced allowing registration of same sex couples and giving all the same rights as married couples. For more detailed information on UK law as it effects gays and lesbians CLICK HERE


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The United Kingdom has a mild and temperate climate which is influenced by the North Atlantic Drift and the southwesterly winds. The best time of year to visit is May to September. Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year with March to June the driest period and September to January the wettest. Average annual precipitation varies from 1,600 mm in the mountainous areas of the north and west to less than 800 mm over central and eastern areas. Average temperature ranges in London are from 2c to 6c in January to 13c to 22c in July.

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