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Chaguanas, San Fernando

Scene and Culture

Homosexuality is illegal in Trinidad & Tobago and gay visitors are not officially welcome! However, with a population of over one million there are gay people on the islands and a small scene to boot. Unfortunately, successive governments in Trinidad & Tobago have refused to repeal ancient laws on homosexuality which date back to Queen Victoria. The laws are not enforced and no prosecutions have been made for many years. Because of the legal position and the prevailing homophobic attitude in society many gays are closeted. Many gay islanders marry and have homosexual relations "on the side". There are some gay and lesbians who are more open and there is a bigger gay scene in Trinidad & Tobago than any other regional country except Puerto Rico. The gay scene is centred in the Port of Spain and there are at the time of writing three gay bars/nightclubs plus a number of mixed places. During Carnival time people let their hair down and after much drinking anything goes with sexual prudery being thrown out the window. Despite the legal position Trinidad & Tobago is definately some where to think about if you fancy a holiday in the Carribbean where there is some gay life.

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Legal Notes

Under Article 8 (18/1) of the Immigration Act, homosexual men and women are not allowed to enter the country. Section 13 of the Sexual Offences Act 1986 criminalises "buggery". This Section provides a penalty of up to life imprisonment, if committed on a minor; up to 10 years' imprisonment if committed on an adult (18 years) by another adult; up to 5 years' imprisonment if committed by a minor on an adult. Section 16, relating to "serious indecency", provides a penalty of up to 20 years' imprisonment for homosexual acts between men and between women.


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Trinidad & Tobago has a tropical climate influenced and modified by the surrounding sea and the trade winds. The climate is characterised by a dry season from January to May which is the best time to visit. The wet season is from June to December. The warmest month is July and the coolest is January. The wettest months are June through to November and average annual rainfall varies from 2,540mm to 3,810mm depending on the region. Average temperature ranges on the coast are from 24c to 26c all year.

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