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Nonthaburi, Korat, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya

Scene and Culture

Thailand probably has one of the world's more liberal sexual cultures in terms of public tolerance of homosexual and transgendered men and women. Traditionally Thai culture accepts the concept of transgendered known as "kathoey". Throughout Thailand kathoey are free to live their lives in all walks of life with little discrimination or harrassment.

There are pockets of homophobia as in any country particularly towards gay men as this is a western concept which does not fit in with traditional Thai culture.

There is a large gay scene in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai though the focus is a little more towards commercial sex establishments particularly in Pattaya. If you want to get away from the go-go bar scene it is possible. In Bangkok there are several western style bars, night clubs and saunas that visitors will feel comfortable in. There is also Babylon sauna in Bangkok which in our view is the most luxurious and opulent gay sauna in the world a pleasure palace with restauants, swimming pool, cafes, night club section and attached hotel.

Gay and lesbian visitors will always be warmly welcomed in Thailand and makes an excellent destination that we strongly recommend.

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Legal Notes

Homosexual behaviour between consenting adults is not a criminal offence. The age of consent is 15 for both sexes. However the age of consent for sex involving prostitution is 18.

Transexuals are exempt from the military not because the army is discriminatory but because they apparently cause "turmoil" among the troops. Thailand does not have any anti-discrimination legislation nor any legislation on registered partnership right though given current trends it can only be a matter of time before these issues are considered in Thailand.


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The best time of year to visit Thailand is during the cooler 'rainy season', from July until early November.

Thailand has a tropical climate dominated by the monsoons. The climate is characterized in general by four seasons. (1.) A dry season from January to February. (2.) A hot season from April to May. (3.) A wet season from June to October and (4.) a cool season from November to December, with around 90% of rainfall occurring in the wet season. Average annual precipitation varies from 1,020 mm to 2,030 mm depending on the region. Average temperature ranges in Bangkok are from 26c in December to 35 in April.

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