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Scene and Culture

Open expressions of homosexuality are taboo, especially for men. There is less prejudice against gay women. "Matis" (intimate female friends) are an old and accepted practice amongst the Afro-Surinamers. There is however a small gay community in Paramaribo which occasionaly has parties and meetings. There is also one gay cafe called Cafe XPO which forms the centre of the gay community in Paramibo (See their website below) Suriname is not an obvious gay and lesbian tourist destination but if you find yourself here there are a signs of gay life.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality is legal. Section 302 Penal Code criminalises homosexual acts with someone under the age of 18 years with a penalty of up to 4 years' imprisonment. The age of consent for heterosexuals is 16 years. Section 302 is hardly ever enforced.




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Suriname has a tropical climate that is characterized by high rainfall, high humidity and hot temperatures which are modified by the NE trade winds. The best time to visit is February to April (short dry season) and August to October (long dry season). The two wet seasons are from May to July and November to January. Please note that none of the seasons are completely wet or dry. Suriname lies outside the hurricane zone . Average annual rain in Paramaribo is 2,200 mm and average temperature ranges are from 26c to 27c all year.

Suriname, Paramaribo