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Maribor, Celje

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Slovenia is one of the more progressive country in eastern Europe on gay rights. Following Slovenia's accession to the EU in May 2004 Slovenia is set to become even more part of the European mainstream. Slovenia also has a a reasonable gay scene with several bars clubs and cafes and even a gay sauna. The scene is centred in Ljubljana though there are some gay venues in Maribor and Celje. Slovenia nestles at the foot of the Alps and scenically is very beautiful. This combined with its tolerance and small gay scene make it an interesting possibility for the gay and lesbian visitor. Note also the advent of the budget airlines here such as Easyjet.

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Legal Notes

In 1995 the age of consent was equalised at 14. In 1996 Slovenia introduced a new penal code banning discrimination and special rights based on sexual orientation. The code states that he who on the grounds of inter alia sexual orientation deprives or restricts a person of any human right or fundamental freedom is punished with a fine or prison up to a year. In 1998 discriminination against gays and lesbians in the work place was banned. Gays are not banned from the army. On partnership, in 1998 after several attempts by activists to force the government to adopt registered partnership legislation, the Slovenian government set up a committee. In April 2004 the Slovenian Parliament introduced proposed legislation to grant same-sex couple equal rights to heterosexual couples in areas of social policy, taxation, health insurance and inheritance but NOT adoption.


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Slovenia has a moderately continental climate inland with cold winters and warm summers while along the coast the climate can be described as subtropical Mediterranean. The best time of year to visit (unless you are a skiier) is the summer months of May to September. Average annual precipitation varies from 800 to 2,000 mm, although it can exceed 2,000 mm in the mountains. Average temperature ranges are from 0c to 2c in January to 18c to 19c in July.

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