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The gay lobbying organisation Ganymedes has been lobbying for 11 years on gay rights but they have not achieved all that they had hoped. Under communism religion was suppressed. Following the collapse of communism there has been a rise in the influence of the Catholic Church which has impeded gay liberation.This is reflected in religious upbringing in Slovak families, poor sex education in schools and society’s hostile attitude to gays and lesbians. The EU have been seeking harmonisation of family law (including gay civil unions) throught the EU and this has been fiercely oposed by Slovakia. There is however a reasonable gay scene in the Slovak republic with over 10 bars and clubs in Bratislava. Overall we were unimpressed with Bratislava as a holiday destination. Gay and lesbian visitor might find Prague a nicer destination.

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In 1990 the age of consent was equalised. There are no anti-discrimination laws to protect gays and lesbians. A constitutional list of human rights and freedoms was accepted by the Czechoslovak Parliament in 1991 and attempts were made to include "sexual orientation" but this was rejected by Parliament. In 2000 further attempts were made to include sexual orientation. There is no liklihood of registered partnerships in the forseeable future.


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Slovakia has a continental climate with warm humid summers and cold dry winters with snowfall lasting from 27 to 30 days. The best time to visit is during the summer months of May to September. Average annual precipitation varies from 500 to 700 mm while the mountains receive as much as 1,000 mm. Average temperature ranges on the plains are from 1c to 3c in January to 19c to 21c in July while in the High Tatra winter temperatures can fall to 12c.

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