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Scene and Culture

Samoan culture is historically tolerant of homosexuality. In particular there is a tradition of raising some boys in a family as a girl in order to play an important domestic role in Samoan life. Such transvestite males are known as fa'afafine but their role does not easily equate with western gayness. This tradition means that there is wide spread acceptance of the transgendered. Very little in Samoa is specifically lesbian or gay. It is not their culture and in any event technically male homosexuality is illegal. That is not to say that in the clubs and bars there is no gay life. Samoa is a stunningly beautiful country and gay and lesbian visitors are sure to have a great time.

Gay Age of Consent


Lesbian Age of Consent


Legal Notes

Crimes Ordinance 1961 regulates homosexual behaviour as follows; Indecent acts performed by a woman over 21 with a girl under 16 - up to 5 years' imprisonment; Sexual activities between men over 21 with a boys under 16 - up to 7 years' imprisonment. Indecency between males - up to 5 years' imprisonment. Sodomy with a female or a male under 16 if the other male is over 21 -up to 7 years' imprisonment ; in other cases of sodomy - up to 5 years' imprisonment.






Samoa has a tropical climate with two seasons. A dry season from May to October which is the best time to visit and a wet season from November to April. The hottest month is December and the coolest is July. Most rainfall occurs during the wet season and average annual precipitation is around 2,870 mm while occasional hurricanes may occur. Average temperature ranges are from 22c to 30c all year.

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