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The 1990s have seen a lengthy struggle to bring about an end to the persecution of sexual minorities in Romania, and to achieve the abolition of discriminatory laws. Previously, Romanian gays and lesbians were routinely denied some of the most basic human rights guaranteed by international law. Under pressure from Europe there have been some big improvements in the legal position of gays but the underlying homophobia remains. In 2005, Romania's first Gay Pride event was held despite strong oposition from the Mayor, the Police, the Government and the Church. Following international pressure the President relented and the March was allowed. Following the legalising of homosexuality in Romania in 2002 the gay scene in Romania has improved hugely. Though the scene is still mostly out-door cruising gay or gay friendly bars have started to appear in Bucharest and some of the other main cities of Romania. Check out the websites below. We think that Romania could make for an interesting alternative holiday destination.

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Legal Notes

Until 1996 same-sex relationships in Romania were illegal under Article 200 of the penal code. In June 2001 the Romanian Government sought to abolish Article 200 but it was only on 14th January 2002 that final aproval to abolition this Article was given by the Romanian Parliament and Presidency. Meanwhile, in September 2000 Romania introduced anti-discrimination law which provided protection from discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation (oddly though this was before homosexuality was actually legalised!) The position for gays has therefore improved enormously over the last few years.


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Romania has a continental climate characterized by cold snowy winters and warm summers. The best time to visit is during the summer months of May to September. In the Carpathian Mountains the summers are cooler and wetter. The prevailing winds are from the north to northeast and are hot and dry during summer while in winter they are cold and severe. Average annual precipitation is 637 mm while average temperature ranges in Bucharest are from -2c in winter to 21c in summer.

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