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In Puerto Rico homosexuality is technically illegal under Article 103 though this law has been declared unconstitutional. In any event, the laws are rarely enforced and Puerto Rico is probably the gayest island in the Caribbean with a very sizeable gay scene. We think Puerto Rico has much to offer gay and lesbians particularly if you have come for the sun. Bear in mind that Puerto Rico is a dependency territory of the United States.

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Legal Notes

Since 2005 homosexuality has been legal. Following the Lawrence v. Texas case Puerto Rico's Penal Code's Article 103 was ruled unconstitutional and the Senate in 2003 voted for a new Penal code that would void Article 103. The New Penal Code was also approved in the House and signed by the Governor. It went into effect on 1st May 1 2005.


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Puerto Rico has a tropical climate at lower elevations and a subtropical at higher elevations. The best time to visit Puerto Rico is during the cooler and drier months of January to April. Both temperatures and rainfall are affected by the NE trade winds. Humidity is relatively high in summer and most rainfall occurs between May and December. Average annual precipitation varies from 1,550 mm in the north to 910 mm in the south. Average temperature ranges in San Juan are from 27c in July to 24c in January.

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