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Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Amadora

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The 1990s in Portugal have seen huge advances in gay liberation. The first LGBT campaign organisation in Portugal was founded in 1992. 1997 then saw Portugals first Pride Festival, first Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the opening of the first gay and lesbian community centre. In March 2001 a law was introduced allowing registered unions of same sex couples (see below). Compared to main stream Europe Portugal still has a little way to go in countering institutional homophobia (eg in the army) and addressing legal issues such as marriage, adoption and the age of consent. Lisbon has a thriving gay scene (much of it located in the Bairro Alto and Pincipe Real areas) with loads of bars, night clubs, restaurants, cafes and sauanas. There are also a smaller scene in Porto and on the Algarve. If you want beautiful people and beautiful beaches Portugal may be for you. Lisbon certainly make a great city break destination.

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Legal Notes

In 1995 Portugal introduced a new penal code. This lowered the heterosexual age of consent to 14 but kept a special offence of homosexual relations with 14 and 15 year old adolescents . Heterosexual relations with 14 and 15 year old adolescents, however, are only a criminal offence if the minor is "seduced" into vaginal intercourse. There are no anti-discrimination laws in the penal code covering gays and lesbians. In 1996 during the revision of the Constitution unsucessful attempts were made to include "sexual orientation" in its Article 13 which lists the non-discrimination categories such as sex, race and religion. In March 2001 Portugal passed a statute creating an institution called a "registered union" that granted same-sex couples living together for more than 2 years a limited number of rights including legal rights and tax benefits. .


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The best time to visit Portugal is during the summer months from April to September. If you don't like the heat go early or late in the season. Portugal has two climatic zones. (1.) The northern zone characterized by an average annual precipitation of 991 mm with temperatures influenced by Atlantic air currents and the Spanish Meseta. (2.) The southern zone which has a Mediterranean climate with low annual precipitation and sunny days with weather conditions influenced by the Azorean high pressure systems. Average temperature ranges in Lisbon are from 8c to 14c in January to 17c to 28c in August.

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