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Lodz, Krakow, Gdansk

Scene and Culture

Poland is a very Catholic country, with strong moral codes. People often marry quite young and the use of contraceptives is quite restricted. Given this theres a suprisingly active gay scene here. In 2005 more than 2000 people defied a ban on a gay-rights rally in Warsaw against the orders of the city's conservative mayor. Since 1990 there has been a big improvement for gays and lesbians with the development of a large gay scene. There are now many gay bars, clubs, saunas, hotels, organisations and even "beaches" in Warsaw as well as a bars and clubs in smaller cities like Krackow. Now part of the European Union and what with the advent of low cost airlines we think Poland is an excellent option for gay and lesbian visitors.

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Legal Notes

The homosexual age of consent of 15 was introduced in 1934. Prostitution is legal. Homosexuals may be discharged from military service. Homosexual marriage is illegal with the constitution including an Article restricting marriage to heterosexual couples. There are as yet no laws regarding registered partnership for same sex couples and adoption by gay or lesbian couples is not permitted In 1995 the Constitutional Committee of the Polish Parliament proposed that the anti-discrimination clause of the constitution include protection from discrimination on the grounds sexual orientation. However after strong opposition from the Catholic Church Parliament dropped the list of protected categories of people with the revised anti-discrimination article reading: "Nobody can be discriminated based on any ground in political, social or economical life".


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Poland has a continental climate with severe winters and mild summers. The best time to visit is during the summer months from May to September even though this is also when Poland is rainiest. The average annual precipitation varies from 500 mm to 1,220 mm depending on the region. Average temperature ranges in Warsaw are from -5c to 0c in January to 15c to 24c in July.