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Quezon City, Davao, Cebu

Scene and Culture

Homosexuality is legal in the Philippines. In common with other South East Asian countries there is some underlying tolerance of homosexuality in the Philippines. However this tolerance is tempered by the strong influence of the Catholic church. There is an vibrant gay scene in the Phillipines with several bars, clubs and saunas in Manila as well as various gay rights organisations. The main gay rights organisation for men in the Philippines is Progay-Philippines was founded in 1993 and led the first Gay March in Asia in 1994. Gay and Lesbian Rights Conference have taken place since 1996. We found the gay scene in Manila to be very warm and friendly with more ordinary gay venues than say Bangkok making Manila an very interesting option for gay and lesbian visitors.

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Legal Notes

The age of consent is 12, as it is for heterosexual and lesbian conduct. However since 1992 contacts with minors (under 18) are an offence, if the minor consents to the act for money, gain or any other remuneration or as the result of an influence of any adult person. Gays are banned from the military. Following a campaign by Amnesty International Philippines a comprehensive bill was put before the House of Representative Committee in December 2001 which would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. No progress has been made on this and there are still no national laws prohibiting discrimination though Quezon City has a city ordinance that prohibits discrimination in the workplace. A further area being explored is the attempt to gain a gay seat in the Senate. Under the Philippine constitution some 20% of seats in the Senate are reserved for national, regional and sectoral parties. "Sectors" recognised in electoral law include categories such as elderly, peasants, labour, youth etc. Two unsucessful attempts have been made to amend the Republic Act to add gays to the list.


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The Philippines has a tropical climate. The best time to visit is during the cooler and drier season from November to March. The rainy or typhoon season is June to October and the hottest months are April and May. The Philippines lies within the world's severest cyclone belt and is effected by around 15 cyclones per year. You should avoid the typhoon season. Average annual rainfall Manila is 2,080 mm while average temperature ranges are from 21c to 34c all year.

Manila, Philippines
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