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Arequipa, Callao, Trujillo,Cusco

Scene and Culture

Whilst homosexuality is legal in Peru persecutions of gays and lesbians does still occur. In the past there have been periodic raids on gay bars though no reports of any recent harassment. Not withstanding this there is a suprisingly active gay scene in Lima. There are over 10 clubs and bars, 3 saunas and even 4 gay hotels. Small scenes are also developing outside the capital in places like Cusco and Arequipa. In 1997 Peru had its first gay parade and there are several LGBT organisations including the Homosexual Movement of Lima (MHOL), founded in 1983. We think Peru has a lot to offer particularly Cusco, Machu Pichu and Lake Titicaca. Whilst Lima itself is nothing to write home about the scene is definately worth checking out.

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Legal Notes

Homosexual acts, in private and between consenting adults, are not illegal. Laws referring to "public morality" however are often used against gays and lesbians. The Constitution and numerous other pieces of legislation include anti-discrimination provisions, but none refer to sexual orientation specifically. Gays are banned from the armed forces and the police.


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Youn can visit Peru any time of the year though November to May is hotter and drier on the coast and May to September is drier in the Andes. Peru has a temperate climate along the coast which is influenced by a cold ocean current called the Humboldt. On the coast the rainy season is from June to October. Conditions are cooler in the Andes with the rainy season from October to April while the Selva or Jungle has a tropical climate with humid and hot conditions from October to March. Average annual rain varies from 2,540 mm to 3,960 mm depending on the region. Average temperature ranges in Lima are from 13c to 19c in August to 19c to 28c in February.

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