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Ciudad de Este, San Lorenzo

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We have little information on the gay culture in Paraguay. However Paraguay is a typical Latin American country where macho culture pervades and there is still some underlying homophobia. The small gay scene is centred in Asuncion where there are three gay bars and one night club. Paraguay is not renown as a gay and lesbian destination nor in fact is really a tourist destination but no doubt it has its charms.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality is not mentioned in Paraguayan legislation except where specific charges of "corruption of minors" and "offences against morals" can be brought. The minimum age of consent is 12, as it is for heterosexual conduct. But it can be punishable In under certain circumstances when specific charges of "corruption of minors" and "offences against public morals" are introduced. In criminal trials a defendant's homosexuality can be used against them when it comes to sentencing. There have been attempts to introduce Civil Partnership legislation without sucess and in 2003 the Minsiter of Women’s Affairs expressed her desire to propose legislation in favor of civil unions for same-sex couples.


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You can visit Paraguay through out the year though in the mid summer months of January and February it can be very hot. If you are planning to go to the tropical areas then you might want to avoid the wet season which is November to March. Paraguay has two climatic zones. (1.) A temperate climate which is experienced by 66% of the country and is characterized by mild conditions. (2.) A tropical climate with hot and humid conditions which is experienced by 33% of the country. The prevailing summer wind is the hot Sirocco from the northeast while the cold Pompero is experienced in winter. Average annual precipitation in the east is around 2,030 mm and diminishes westward to an average of 1,190 mm. Average temperature ranges in Asuncion are from 12c to 22c in June to 22c to 35c in January.

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