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Nicaragua is a typical Latin American country where there is a macho culture and a lot of homophobia and intolerance. Previously, during the more humane Sandinista rule, homosexuality was not mentioned in the law and was becoming widely accepted. The conservative government of Violeta Chamorro and later on Arnaldo Aleman reversed this process and remarkably in 1992 the conservatives criminalised homosexuality. This must be one of the few examples in modern times when homosexuality has been criminalised. Despite this set back there is a small gay scene in Managua which hosts two bars and a club. Given the government's record we would however feel disinclined to recommend a visit to Nicaragua.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality and the advocacy of homosexuality is illegal according to Article 204 in the Nicaraguan Penal Code. Prison terms reportedly range from three to 20 years depending on the circumstances. The anti sodomy law was passed on June 11, 1992, and upheld by the Supreme Court in March 1994. The court upheld the law on the grounds that "to authorise the performance and freedom of sodomy would be a legal attack against the increase of the Nicaraguan population, a step back for its political, economic and social advancement, due to the lack of men and women to push Nicaragua’s progress forward!

The feminist magazine La Boletina notes that this precedent provides legal grounds for "forbidding kisses, masturbation, premarital relations, cohabitation among unmarried people, and the use of contraceptives.


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Nicaragua has a tropical climate with two seasons. The best time to visit is during dry season from January to mid May. The wet season is from May to December. Nicaragua has three climatic zones; wet tropical, wet and dry tropical and mild highland. Average annual rainfall in Managua is 1,140 mm and average temperature ranges are from 20c to 34c all year.

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