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New Caledonia
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Mont-Dore, Dumbea, Paita

Scene and Culture

Homosexuality is legal in New Caledonia. Whilst as everywhere there is a some discrimination you can lead an openly gay life here. The island population is very small so although there are some open minded establishments there are no completely gay bars. There are 2 mixed clubs (Star Struck and Greenwood) a mixed bar (Cafe Luna) and a lesbian owned club called Galapagos. Finally, there is a nude gay beach in Nouville (after the Kuendu Beach). In addition, a gay association, Homo Sphere has been set up in Nouméa to fight for gay and lesbian equality. New Caledonia is not the obvious gay destination but if you are in this part of the world its nice to know that there is some gay life. Much of the South Pacific has little gay scene to speak of.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality is legal, and most rights of the metropolitan French mother country apply. The equal age of consent of 16 was introduced in 1982. New Caledonia holds a unique position among French territories, enjoying increased autonomy over a period from January 2000 until 2014 when a referendum over full independence will be held. Hopefully the transfer of law will not affect homosexuals in a negative way. However, the new partnership laws in France (which introduced "PaCS" - a registered partnership which applies to both lesbian and gay as well as to straight couples) do not apply to New Caledonia. This is an issue that Homo Sphere have been campaigning on.




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The best time to visit New Caledonia is during the drier months of September to November but you can really visit the country at any time. New Caledonia has a tropical climate that is modified by the SE trade winds. The wet season is from December to March when cyclones also occur and the average annual precipitation is 1,083 mm. Average temperature ranges in Noumea are from 25c in January to 19c in July.