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Biratnagar , Lalitpur , Pokhara

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Homosexuality is illegal in Nepal. There is no open gay life though there are known meeting places for gays. Like in India gays mostly get forced into marriage by their families or they leave the country. Homophobia is rife. In 1993, the gay organisation "Nepal Queer Society" was established in Kathmandu and it has since faced much hostility. In July 1998, two women got married. They were first arrested but were later released as there are no laws against same-sex marriage. In 2000, the police detained two young women involved in an emotional relationship with one another. The two women faced a mounting threat of violence as news of their relationship spreads throughout Nepal. In 2001 the Blue Diamond Society was founded and again this organisation has faced police harrasment of its members -for example in August 2004, 39 members of the society were arrested on public nuisance charges and beaten up whilst in custody. The Society is also facing court proceedings where the Supreme Court of Nepal will either legitimise or criminalise homosexuality. Nepal is not really a gay destination and furthermore the country is facing a Maoist insurrection at the moment. King Gyenendra dismantled democracy in 2005 to combat Maoist insurgents on his own and also suspended civil liberties in the name of security. We would suggest that now is not the time to visit this stunningly beautiful country.

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Homosexuality is illegal and legally deemed "unnatural" in Nepal. Nepal's penal code is the same as that of India namely under S377 Unnatural Offences Act anal intercourse and oral sex is punishable by life imprisonment and male to male sex is punishable with up to 10 years imprisonment.


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The best time of year to visit Nepal is in the Autum(Late October/November or Spring (March April) when the weather is comfortable and dry. You will get unimpeded views of the spectacular mountains. Nepal has a climate that ranges from subtropical summers with mild winters in the southern lowlands to an alpine climate with cool summers as well as severe winters in the mountains. Average annual precipitation decreases from 1,778 mm (70 inches) in the east to 899 mm in the west. Average temperature ranges in Kathmandu are from 2c to 20c in January to 20c to 29c in July

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