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Mandalay , Moulmein , Pergu

Scene and Culture

Burma is a unique and facinating destination where you will find a charming, kind and gentle people unfortunately terrorised by one of the world's nastiest political regimes. Even the Internet is illegal here. However, in common with its neighbours the Burmese are very tolerant of homosexuality and there appears to be little social prejudice. So although homosexuality is technically illegal we found that gays were very open in Burma for example we saw obvious gay couples visiting temples together and holding hands. Because there is no gay scene as such most gay life revolves around public places. We were frequently approached, cruised or flirted with by guys all over Yangon including in the famous Shewedagon Pagoda. Most Burmese are facinated by foreigners and its very easy to strike up conversations and to meet other "batchelors". Given the oppressive politics here we would recommend you skip Burma as a holiday destination and go to Laos or Vietnam instead.

Gay Age of Consent


Lesbian Age of Consent

No law

Legal Notes

Male homosexual relations are technically illegal per the penal code of 1882-88. There have been no reports of any recent prosecutions under this legislation and given the prevailing social tolerance towards homosexuality we suspect this is simply left over British colonial legislation which no-one has ever bothered to change.


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The best time to visit Burma is during the cool season between November and March.

Burma has a tropical climate with three seasons; the hot season between April and May; the monsoon between June and October and the cool season between November and March.

Temperatures are hot all year round with high humidity while at least 75% of the rainfall occurs during the monsoon season. The coastal and high mountain precipitation varies between 2,500 to 5,000 mm annually with the interior receiving 1,000 mm or less. Average temperature ranges in Yangon are from 18c to 32c in January to 24c to 36c in April.

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