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Casablanca, Fes, Tangiers, Marakesh,

Scene and Culture

The general attitude towards male homosexual activity in Morocco is that it is simply done and is not talked about. The macho culture makes it shameful to take the passive role in anal intercourse. A "real man" has to always be the active partner, and preferably also receive some money or small gift from the other partner, even if only of symbolic value. This removes the stigma of having had pleasure from the encounter, and implies that the other party was the exploited one, and exploitation is considered manly. Foreign tourists can almost always expect to be the passive part.

Whilst there is no gay scene as such in cities like Tangiers foreign men will frequently be accosted by touts selling various services including from time to time sexual services. Our experience is the "commercial gay scene" is quite visible in some cities.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality is illegal under section 489 of the penal code with a penalty ranging from 6 months to 3 years prison and a fine. Our impression is that there is no rigourous enforcement of these laws.


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Morocco is very hot so you are best visiting the country during the winter months of December to March.

Morocco has two climatic zones. (1.) a Mediterranean climate in the north and central areas that is characterized by warm wet winters and hot dry summers. (2.) A semiarid climate which is predominant in the pre-Sahara region. The wet seasons are from April to May and October to November with average annual precipitation varying from 254 mm to 100 mm depending on the region. During summer the intensely hot winds of the Sahara Desert known as the Sirocco or Chergui prevails. Average temperature ranges in Rabat are from 8c to 17c in January to 18c to 28c in August.

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