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Birkirkara, Qormi, Hamrun, Sliema, Bugibba, St. Juliens

Scene and Culture

Malta celebrated its first gay pride in 1996 and since then has developed a small gay and lesbian scene. Being a catholic country the scene is discrete.There are about 5 gay and lesbian bars on the island and one gay hotel ( regular gay events plus two gay websites (see below). Malta is a popular holiday destination for those seeking the sun so we are sure that gay and lesbian visitors are bound to enjoy a visit here.

Gay Age of Consent


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Legal Notes

Malta legalised homosexuality in 1973. The minimum age for heterosexual, lesbian and gay male relations is now set at 16. However relations with adolescents up to 18 years [whether gay, lesbian or hetero] are criminal if they are considered to "deprave" the minor. Whilst the political parties have all expressed support against homophobia and discrimination there has been no progress on these issues.




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The best time of year to visit Malta is during their summer months from April to October.

Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate characterized by a dry summer season and a mild rainy winter season with occasional fog from November to March. Average annual precipitation is 559 mm and occurs almost entirely between October and April. Average temperature ranges in Valletta are from 10c to 14c in January to 23c to 29c in August.