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Bitolj, Prilep, Kumanovo , Tetovo

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There is not much information on homosexuality in Macedonia but given the very late legalisation in 1997 - and this was imposed by Europe - one can assume the homophobia is deep rooted. In 1995 The Bar Association in Macedonia voted to ban homosexuals and alcoholics from becoming lawyers saying the public didn’t trust them. In 2003 the Centre for Civil and Human Rights was set up, the only group in Macedonia advocating gay and lesbian rights. They ran a controversial bill board advertising campaign in 2004 and were forced to remove these by a hostile and homophobic government.

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Lesbian Age of Consent


Legal Notes

Homosexuality has been illegal in Macedonia up till 1997. As a condition of entry to the Council of Europe Macedonia was required to legalise homosexuality. The provisions on sexual offences in Macedonia now do not distinguish between homosexual and heterosexual acts.


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The best time to visit Macedonia is in the Summer months from May to September.

Macedonia has a transitional climate from Mediterranean to continental with hot dry summers and moderately cold winters. Average annual precipitation varies form 1,700 mm in the western mountainous area to 500 mm in the eastern area while the central valleys and plains only receive 450 mm. Average temperature ranges in Skopje are from -1c in January to 23c in July.

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