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Lithuania is a very Catholic country where there is still much prejudice and hostility against gays and lesbians and certainly more than the other Baltic States. Having said that there have been huge advances in homosexual law reform in recent years. A small gay scene has developed in Vilnius and it sounds like Vilnius would make a different and interesting city break option.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality was only legalised relatively recently in 1993. In 2001 a new Penal Code was introduce. Article 169 of the Code makes it illegal to prevent or restrict a group or it's members from participating equally in political, economic, social, cultural, work or other activities because of their sexual orientation is punishable by community service or a fine or up to 3 years imprisonment. In addition new incitement to hatred laws has come into effect recently. Article 170 imposes up to 3 years imprisonment if you "jeer, disdain, instigate hatred or initiate discrimination towards a group or its member because of their sexual orientation. In March 2004 the government equalised the age of consent to 14. In 2005 Lithuania introduced Equal Opportunities laws which prohibits direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of inter alia sexual orientation.


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Lithuania is a Baltic state and is quite cool. The best time to visit Lithuania is May to August.

Lithuania has a transitional climate between the maritime climate of West Europe and the continental climate of Russia. Winters are generally mild and summers are cooler along the coast with temperature extremes increasing inland. Average annual precipitation varies from 850 mm on the Baltic coastal hills to less than 600 mm in the central lowlands. Average temperature ranges are from -4c in January to 17c in July.

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