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Daugavpils, Liepaja, Jelgava

Scene and Culture

Since 1990, the democratisation process in Latvia has allowed lesbians and gays to establish a gay scene. Cultural, educational and other events can be held, and lifestyles can be freely developed. There is still some prejudice and intolerance left over from 50 years of totalitarianism. Full social acceptance has still to be achieved but with the recent joining of the EU it is hoped further progress will be made. In 2005 Latvia's first LGBT Pride parade was canceled by officials just hours after the prime minister said he thought the event was offensive. A small scene has developed in Riga and there are two gay clubs, several sex shops with film cabins showing gay films and even some gay beaches. If you are looking for a city break with a difference now that Latvia is part of the European Union why not check out Riga.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality was legalised in 1992 and the age of consent equalised in 1998. There is no anti discrimination legislation as yet but a recent court case held that a gay man's rights had been violated after being sacked for being gay. In 1999 the Human Rights and Public Affairs Commission of the Parliament of Latvia rejected a draft law on registered partnership between persons of the same gender.


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Latvia is on the Baltic and is quite cold. The best time to visit is during the summer months of May to August.

Latvia has a transitional climate between the maritime climate of West Europe and the continental climate of Russia. Winters are long and cold while summers are warm with rainfall heaviest during summer and autumn. Average annual precipitation varies from 560 to 790 mm and average temperature ranges are from -1c in January to 17c in June.

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