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az-Zarqa, Irbid, as-Salt

Scene and Culture

Jordan can be considered as one of the more liberal Arab countries. There is no sharia law and unusually homosexuality is not illegal. The gay scene such as it is is low-profile, subdued, and much less visible than that of Israel and Lebanon. Basically, the only gay life you will find is either out door cruising or at the men only hot springs and hammams (traditional baths). We understand that in Amman, there is cruising near the Roman Amphitheater at Hashemiya Square and the bars of the large international hotels whilst in Aqaba gays meet along the Corniche.There is no gay rights movement at the time of writing.

Gay Age of Consent


Lesbian Age of Consent


Straight Age of Consent


Legal Notes

The Penal Code of 1951 makes no distinction between sexual intercourse by persons of the same sex or persons of different sexes. The age of consent is therefore 16 for all.


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Jordan has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and cool damp winters. August is the hottest month and January the coolest. The best time to visit is either in the Spring or Autumn (March-April or October-November).

The prevailing winds are the hot Khamsin which is dust laden and the dry Shamal that blows for days at a time. Average annual precipitation is 300 mm and average temperature ranges in Amman are from 4c to 12c in January to 18c to 32c in August.

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