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Spanish Town, Portmore, Montego Bay

Scene and Culture

Jamaica is believed by many to be the most homophobic island in the Caribbean. Jamaican culture is extremley macho and extremely intolerant towards gays and lesbians. In June 2004 prominent gay activist Brian Williamson was murdered and the same month Amnesty International published a report criticising Jamaica over its stance on sexual diversity. Gay tourists to Jamaica are advised to show no affection in public. Gays, sympathisers, and even some travel agencies are boycotting Jamaica as a tourist destination due to the resorts' discrimination towards same-sex couples. On our recent visit to Jamaica we were certainly very conscious of the macho society though as tourists we had no problems. There are lots more gay friendly destinations out there in the Carribean so we would recommend that you might want to spend your pink pounds or dollars in a more deserving economy.

Gay Age of Consent


Lesbian Age of Consent

Not mentioned in law

Legal Notes

Sections 76-79 Penal Code criminalise homosexual intercourse between men with a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment and hard labour. JFLAG a gay rights group was set up in 1998 and has been facing huge hostility. The Jamaican government has made it clear that gay law reform is not on the agenda.


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The best time to visit Jamaica is during the cooler and drier months of December to April.

Jamaica has a tropical climate at sea-level and a temperate climate towards the highlands of the interior. There are four seasons, two rainy seasons from May to June and September to November as well as two dry seasons from July to August and December to April. The hurricane season is from May to August or September. Average annual rainfall is 1,950 mm and average temperature ranges in Kingston are from 19c to 32c all year.

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