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Though Italy is a mainstream European country on matters of homosexuality it lags far behind. This is partly due to the strong hold of the anti-gay Catholic Church (for example last year the Vatican launched a global campaign against homosexual unions) but also due to cultural reasons. The gay scene in Italy is small but getting better and homosexual law reform has been very slow. Having said that Italy has wonderful culture, style and food and visitors can not help but be impressed. We think Italy is one of the lovliest countries in Europe just a slight shame about the scene. If you haven't been to Italy then go!

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Legal Notes

The Italian Constitution does not cover "sexual orientation" as a non-discrimination category. The penal code contains no laws which protect gays and lesbians as a group, but does include other elements like gender, race, religion. In 1998 there was an attempt to pass anti-discrimination legislation.

Gays can be excused from the army on the grounds of "sexual perversion". Same-sex couples are still not recognised by the law. Many proposals have been put forward in this connection including official registration of domestic partnerships. None of these bills have ever been discussed in the Parliament, and they are unlikely to be discussed in the future. In some towns there are registered civil partnerships but these don't give you any particular rights.


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Italy is a hugely popular tourist destination. So whilst the best time of year to go is April to September if you are planning to go to the most popular tourist destinations like Rome, Florence or Venice carefully consider the possibility of visiting completely off season. Rome in February is tourist free and temperatures can be as comfortable as 17c.

Italy has a temperate climate with a variety of regional characteristics. The Alps region has harsh winters and moderately warm summers with abundant rainfall. The Po Plain has harsh winters with long periods of subfreezing temperatures and warm sultry summers, with rainfall more common in winter. The Alpennine region has extremely mild winters and hot summers. Italy is also subject to fierce seasonal winds. Average temperature ranges in Rome are from 4c to 11c in January to 20c to 30c in July.

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