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Kopavogur, Hafnarfjordhur, Akureyri

Scene and Culture

Iceland in common with other Scandanavian countries has very progressive laws relating to homosexuality. The gay scene is centred around Reykjavik and it is surprisingly busy given the tiny population of the country. On Friday nights when the clubs and bars turn out in the early hours, the city becomes a heaving mass as Icelanders party in the streets. A great city break destination particularly in June when there is perpetual daylight.

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Legal Notes

In July 1992 all discriminatory criminal law was swept away and equal age of consent set at 14 was introduced. In 1996 anti-discrimination law was introduced prohibiting discrimination in the provision of merchandise or services and prohibiting actions humiliating, degrading or defaming gays and lesbians.In 1996 a Registered Partnership Law was also introduced allowing confirmation of partnership in a civil ceremony. There is no right of adoption however.




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The best time to visit Iceland is in the summer from June to August though if you want to see the northern lights March is recommended. Remember Iceland is very far north so December sees virtually no day light whereas in June it doesn't get dark.

Iceland has a cold temperate climate that is influenced by the North Atlantic Drift, which is a continuation of the Gulf Air Stream. It has a changeable climate that is relatively mild but extremely windy while summers are damp, cool and cloudy with brief spells of fine weather. The wet season is from October to January with an average monthly precipitation in October reaching 940 mm. Average temperature ranges in Reykjavik are from -2c to 2c in January to 9c to 14c in July

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