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Hong Kong

Scene and Culture

Despite little legal protection for gays and a discriminatory age of consent, Hong Kong has a vibrant and active LGBT community reflected in its very western style gay scene with many bars, clubs, saunas and even a gay radio station. The handover to China in 1997 when Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region has not impinged on freedoms of the community so far. We were very impressed with the scene in Hong Kong on our recent visit.

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Legal Notes

It was only in 1991 the ban on homosexuality was lifted with a discriminatory age of consent for consenting adults in private being set at 21. Lesbian acts had never been criminalised. Hong Kong still has no anti-discrimination law protecting sexual minorities in employment, social services and access to public accommodation.


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Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with best time to visit being the cool and dry period of October to March. The city in the summer can be very hot and humid.

Unusual tropical changes in weather are experienced due to monsoonal winds that blow from the north and northeast during September to March, and from the southwest during April to August. Average temperature ranges are from 14c in February to 29c in July or August.

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