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San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, El Progreso, Choluteca

Scene and Culture

Honduras is another typical Latin American country with a macho atttitude towards homosexuality. Prior to 1985 Honduras was fairly tolerant towards the GLBT community particualrly in the main cities.

When HIV and AIDS first appeared in 1985 there was a backlash with the closing down of gay bars and clubs and an increase in violence towards gays. A gay group called the Association of Honduran Homosexuals Against AIDS was founded in 1991 but has constantly faced difficulties. In 2005 the Honduras governmnent approved a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriages and adoptions. The amendment also denies recognition of same-sex marriages or unions performed elsewhere.The vote came just months after Honduras' formally recognized several gay civil rights groups, a move that outraged the Catholic church.

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Legal Notes

Whilst homosexuality is not mentioned in Honduran law and is therefore legal police nonetheless charge or threaten gays with offending "morality and public decency" if seen expressing physical affection in public and charge transvestites with the same offence for cross dressing in public. The 1982 constitution guarantees equality under the law and prohibits discrimination in any form that harms human dignity which could include discrimination gainst gays and lesbians but this interpretation has never been tested.


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Honduras has a tropical climate on the coast and a temperate climate inland. Both climatic zones have a wet season from April to October and a dry season from November to March. From October to April the northerly winds which are moderately cold, temper the heat while hurricanes are also quite common. Average annual precipitation varies from 1,770 mm to 2,540 mm in the north, while along the Pacific coastal plains it varies from 1,520 mm to 2,030 mm. Average temperature ranges in Tegucigalpa are from 4c to 27c in February to 12c to 33c in May.

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