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Guatamala City

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Scene and Culture

As with many Latin American countries a macho attitude prevails with deep rooted homophobia. There is state harassment of the LGBT community. There are occasional reports of killings of gay activist for example in 1997 transgendered Aids Activist Luis Palencia was gunned down in Guatemala City. The police have also been implicated in a series of anti-gay murders. Given all this there is a surprisingly large gay scene in Guatemala City with several bars clubs, a sauna and even a sex club. Since 2000 there have been annual Gay Pride Marches as well so perhaps things are improving. Gay and lesbian visitors should be discrete and exercise some caution but they will be rewarded by seeing one of the most facinating countries in the region.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality is legal in Guatemala with there being an equal age of consent for all at 18. In 1997 the Code on Childhood and Youth was passed codifying the rights and responsibilities of children and Youth. Protection against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is included in the Code. In 1999 the Supreme Court ordered the government to supply anti-HIV drugs.


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The best time to visit Guatemala is the dry season from November to May. The wet season is from May to October.

Guatemala has a tropical climate along the El Peten Lowlands and the Caribbean coast, although it is more temperate in the highlands. Average annual rainfall varies from 1,140 mm to 5,080 mm depending on the region. Average annual temperature ranges in Guatemala City are from 12c to 23c in January to 16c to 29c in May.

Guatemala City
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