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Modern Greece has not followed the reputation of Ancient Greece for liberalism on matters of homosexuality. Whilst there have been some progress for example in 1987 the age of consent was equalised at 15 Greece retains much discriminatory law on homosexuality and is probably the least progressive country in the European Union. There is nonetheless a reasonable gay scene in the country focused in Athens as well as the islands of Mykanos and Lesbos which contine to draw gay and lesbian holiday makers seeking sun, sex and sand.

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Legal Notes

There are a few discriminatory provisions in the Greek criminal code for example Article 347 which provides for a higher age of Consent of 17 for seducing a male person if the partner is over 18. Male prostitution is also illegal while no such ban exists for female prostitution. The police are empowered to to forcibly require gay men to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition sexual orientation as a non-discrimination category is not included in the Greek constitution. Homosexuality is banned in the army. Public sector employment rules require 'decent' behaviour and homosexual orientation is not considered decent.


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The best time to visit Greece is from April to October. If you find heat a problem go early or late in the season.

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with long hot dry summers and mild winters when the majority of rainfall occurs. In the summer the Etesian, a northerly wind, blows across the Aegean Sea while in the mountainous areas, temperatures are generally cooler with severe winter temperatures and heavy rainfall. Average annual precipitation in Athens is 414 mm and the average temperature ranges are from 6c to 13c in February to 23c to 33c in August.

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