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Hamburg, Munich, Cologne Frankfurt , Essen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Bremen, Bonn, Hanover,

Scene and Culture

Homosexuality is widely accepted in Germany and this is reflected in such things as a low age of consent, legal prostitution and their same sex partnership legislation. Germans are also a very open people which means they don't have hang ups about sex. Public nudity is acceptable and laws on pornography seem quite liberal. There are for example nudist areas in parks in the middle of Berlin and Porno cinemas in airports.

There is a huge gay scene in Germany which is extremely liberal and caters to all tastes. In all the major cities you will find large numbers of bars, clubs, cafe, saunas and restaurants. For those seeking a slightly bolder gay scene Germany makes an excellent destination particularly Berlin and Hamburg

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Legal Notes

18 years of Christian Democrat government hindered advancement on gay and lesbian rights in the 80's and 90's. Following the 1998 election of a Social Democrat-Green coalition government extensive gay law reform was undertaken. In 1999 immigration law was reformed, in 2000 an anti-discrimination bill was submitted and in 2001 Germany passed gay partnership legislation granting registered same sex couples rights and obligations in areas such as inheritance, health insurance, immigration, name change and maintenance. These rights were augmented in 2004 to include pension and adoption rights but still fall short of full marriage rights.


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The best time to visit Germany is from May to September. The eastern parts of the country have a very continental climate so summers can be surprisingly hot.

Germany has a continental climate in the western regions of the country with strong Atlantic influences in the northwest causing the winters to be mild but stormy. Further inland the winter temperatures are lower and the summers are warm with slightly higher temperatures in the southwest. A temperate climate is experienced in the eastern regions with an Atlantic influence giving rise to mild winters and cool summers. Due to a stronger Alpine influence rather than the Atlantic in the interior, conditions are generally wetter and colder at higher altitudes with snow lying in the mountains for some time. Average annual precipitation in Berlin is 592 mm and average annual temperature ranges are from 0.5c in January to 19c in July.

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