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Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa

Scene and Culture

In common with its Scandanavian neighbours Finland is very tolerant of homosexuality and has progressive laws protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. Finland is not a populous nation so the gay scene is not large. However, gay and lesbian visitors are assured of a warm welcome from this gay friendly country.

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Legal Notes

In 1998 the last two provisions of the criminal law which still discriminated against lesbians and gays were repealed: the age of consent was equalised, and the law banning the "public encouragement of unchastity between members of the same sex" was repealed.

The constitution includes provisions protecting against discrimination, there is legal protection against work place discrimination as well as protection against incitement to hatred. Being gay or lesbian is no bar to the army. In 2002 gay partnership law was introduced allowing gays and lesbians to register their partnerships and giving them almost the same rights as married couples.


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Finland has a very cool climate with the best time to visit being from May to September.

Finland's climate is characterised by continental winds bringing cold spells in winter and heat waves in summer. However, the westerly winds in summer also bring warm air currents from the Atlantic Ocean.

Rainfall occurs all year round and the average annual precipitation in the north varies from 500 mm to 600 mm where most of it falls as snow, while in the south it varies from 600 mm to 700 mm. Average temperature ranges in Helsinki are from -9c to -4c in February to 12c to 23c in July.

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