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There has been a gradual improvement for the position of the GLBT community in Estonia since 1990. Several gay groups have been set up and since 1998 Tallinn has hosted a large and popular gay club. Estonia's close ties with Scandanavia would suggest that the position is likely to improve in the future. We were pleasantly suprised on our visit to Estonia and would recommend Tallinn as an interesting and different city break for gay and lesbian visitors.

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Legal Notes

In 1992 homosexuality was legalised though a discriminartory age of consent was introduced with the age of consent for gay men fixed at 16 whereas it was 14 for heterosexuals.

In June 2001 the age of consent for gays was equalised. Article 141 of the new Penal Code does not differentiate between gay and heterosexual relations and 14 is the age of consent for both. The punishment for consenting sexual intercourse with a person under 14 years of age is 2-3 years imprisonment.

In 2001 anti incitement to hatred laws were introduced but both grounds of "sexual orientation" and "other grounds" have been omitted meaning gays and lesbians are not protected.


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Estonia has a transitional climate from maritime along the coastal region to continental in the interior. Average annual precipitation varies from 610 to 710 mm while average temperatures ranges are from -3c to -7c in January to 15c to 18c in July.

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