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Alexandria, al-Jizah, Luxor, Aswan

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Egypt used to have a reputation as being one of the more tolerant of the Arab countries but that has now changed. In 2001 52 men were arrested at a "gay night" at a Cairo Disco and charged with 'deriding religion’ and ‘committing immoral acts’. 12 men were sentenced to prison with hard labour. Following international pressure, there was a retrial of 50 of the 52 and on 15 March 2003 21 men were sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment and forced labour, while 29 were acquitted. In other words the sentences were actually increased. Over the last few years a pattern of repression has developed with presumed homosexuals being arrested at random under the same law on prostitution, beaten in prison and vilified by the media, while police fabricate facts that do not add up. In 2004 a 17 year old student was sentenced to 17 years in prison for posting a profile on a gay dating site! Homophobia is so virulent that even Egyptian Human Rights organisations won't condemn the oppression. The current position is that there is continuing repression of gay people including widespread torture and intimidation by police. We would recomend against visiting Egypt for now. There is no gay scene as such in Egypt.

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Legal Notes

Whilst homosexuality is not specifically mentioned in the law Egypt uses other regulations such as "offences against public morals and sensitivities" and "deriding religion" which are used against homosexuals.


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Egypt is incredibly hot so the best time of year to visit is when it is coolest which is December to March. Also bear in mind that the further from the sea you go the hotter it gets so Aswan is much hotter than Alexandria

The larger part of Egypt has a desert climate which is hot and arid. There are two seasons, the cool winter season from November to April, and the hot summer season from May to October, although temperatures are often tempered by strong offshore breezes. The period between March and June is subject to the Khamsin which is a dust laden sandstorm that blows from the Sahara in the south. Rain is limited to the coastal area where it averages 200 mm per year. Average temperature ranges in Cairo are from 8c to 18c in January to 21c to 36c in July.

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