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Guayaquil, Cuenca, Machala

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Ecuador has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last three years with regard to gay and lesbian rights. Nevertheless three years is a relatively short time to change attitudes so whilst Quito has become a little more liberal in the last two years bear in mind that Ecuador generally still has a macho and conservative culture. Homosexuality continues to be viewed negatively so adjust your behaviour accordingly and be a little discrete.

A very respectable gay scene has developed in Quito and Guyaquil with the opening of gay or gay friendly bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels and saunas. Ecuador certainly sounds like a fun destination for gay and lesbian travellers.

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Legal Notes

In 1998 Ecuador joined the small band of countries in the world enshrining protection from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the constitution. The Constitution states that all individuals shall be considered equal and shall enjoy the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities, without discrimination due to birth, age, sex, ethnicity, color, social origin, language, religion, political affiliation, economic position, sexual orientation, health status, disability, or difference of any other kind.This followed a Constitutional Court ruling in 1997 that the total ban on homosexuality violated the constitution. Subsquently homosexual relations between consenting adults has been decriminalised.

Despite these legal advances homophobia still seems rife in the police force and in 2000 a gay pride march was broken up with tear gas. There are also reports of transvetite sex workers being harrassed by the police.


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You can visit Ecuador all year but if you plan to visit the coast then the best time to visit is May to Novermber.

Ecuador has an equatorial climate that varies depending on altitude. Parts of Ecuador are temperate, sub-tropical and tropical. The coast is hot and humid with a heavy wet season from December to April, although rainfall occurs throughout the year. Temperatures are reduced by altitude in the Sierra with warm days and chilly nights as well as frequent heavy rain in the afternoons. The Oriente has a wet and hot equatorial climate with rainfall throughout the year. Average temperature ranges in Quito are from 8c to 21c all year.