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Dominican Republic
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Santo Domingo

Other Main Cities/Resorts

Santiago de los Caballeros, La Vega

Scene and Culture

There is a decent gay scene in Santo Domingo with quite a few bars, cafes, clubs and gay accomodation. Some of the clubs have strippers and drag shows. Reports from Santo Domingo suggest the scene is warm and friendly. Certainly one of the better destinations in the Carribean. There are no reports of harrassment towards gays and with favourable laws on homosexuality gay and lesbian visitors will feel very comfortable here

Gay Age of Consent


Lesbian Age of Consent


Straight Age of Consent


Legal Notes

There is no distinction in the laws between homo- and heterosexual relations between adults over 18 years. Public morality laws, however, are sometimes used against gay men. Article 330 Penal Code penalizes "every violation of decorum and good behavior on public streets" with up to 2 years' imprisonment.


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Dominican Peso


You can visit the Dominican Republic all year but bear in mind that the dry season in the south is from December to April whereas it is May to November in the north.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical maritime climate with trade winds moderating the heat. Hurricanes can also occur between June and November. In general, rainfall is heaviest in the north and diminishes towards the south and west. Average annual rainfall varies between 1,390 mm and 1,520 mm. Average temperature ranges in Santo Domingo are from 19c to 29c in January to 23c to 31c in August.

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