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Czech Republic
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Brno, Ostrava, Plzen

Scene and Culture

Since the velvet revolution the Czech Republic has become very liberal and consequently a far more gay friendly tourist destination than it used to be. There is now a big gay scene in Prague with many bars, clubs and saunas. We love the Czech Republic and think that most gay and lesbian visitors will find it a facinating holiday destination.

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Legal Notes

Consensual homosexual behaviour between adults was partially decriminalised in 1961. Full equality was acheived in 1990 when discriminatory provisions were removed from the Penal Code, the age of consent was equalised to 15 for both homosexual and heterosexual behaviour, and homosexual prostitution was no longer regulated by the criminal law.

There are no anti-discrimination laws to protect gays and lesbians in the Czech republic. A constitutional list of human rights and freedoms was accepted by the Czechoslovak Parliament in 1991 with some politicians seeking "sexual orientation" to be included. This was not approved by the majority of Parliament. There have been three or four attempts to introduce partnership legislation over the last decade all of which have failed.


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The best time of year to visit the Czech Republic is in the summer months between April and September. If you want to avoid the crowds in Prague try to go slightly off season.

Czech Republic has a typical continental climate with warm humid summers and cold dry winters. In the north the mountain winters are more severe and generally snow falls for 40 to 50 days in winter with fog persisting in the low lying areas. Average annual rainfall in Prague is about 510 mm while average temperature ranges are from -4c to 1c in January to 14c to 23c in July.

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