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Medellin , Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena

Scene and Culture

Whilst Colombia is a typical "macho" Latin American country recent years have seen the development of a small gay scene as well as significant improvements in gay and lesbian rights including efforts to give gays and lesbians partnership rights as well as protection from discrimination. Despite the more positive legal climate Colombia remains a dangerous and violent country and over the past few years, the social attitude towards homosexuals has hardened. Some 40 groups in Colombia have been noted to engage in "social cleansing" activities, including the groups, "Death to Dangerous Homosexuals" and "Death to Homosexuals". Gay and lesbian visitors will need to exercise caution.

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Legal Notes

Consensual homosexual activity was decriminalised in 1980 with amendments to the Criminal Code so there is a single age of consent of 14. The progressive 1991 Constitution "guarantees" equal protection of the law, the right to "personal and family intimacy", rights to free expression, assembly and association, and the right to "the free development of one’s personality. Colombia also has had openly gay politicians and an active Gay and Lesbian Information Network. In 2003, following strong opposition from the Catholic church, an extremely progressive bill to give legal recognition to lesbian and gay partnerships was shelved.


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Colombia has a tropical climate on the coast and a temperate climate on the plateaux. Visitors can come at any time of the year though the drier December to February and June to August is recommended.

Colombia can be divided into three climatic zones depending on altitude; Below 915 metres is a hot zone and comprises 90% of the land area. Average temperature ranges are from 23.8c to 26.6c; Between 915 metres and 1,980 metres is the temperate zone and comprises only 8% of the land area. Average temperature ranges are from 18.3c to 23.9c and Over 1,980 metres which is the cool zone comprising the plateaux and terraces of the Colombian Andes. Average temperate ranges are from 12.7c to -17c . In general, there are two main seasons namely the wet season from March to May and September to November and the dry season from December to February and June to August. Average temperature ranges in Bogota are from 10c to 18c in July to 9c to 20c in February.

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