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Shanghai, Tientsen, Shen-yang, Wu-han, Guangzhou, Harbin

Scene and Culture

Following years of repression Chinese gays and lesbians have increasingly been coming out. Both the government and society is becoming more tolerant. It seems there is a conflict between government homophobia and a desire to take practical steps to combat Aids. For example, in 2005 the government temporarily closed down a gay website whilst at the same time running a safe sex campaign aimed at gays. A gay scene has been developing in China with Shenzen in southern China being seen as the country’s ‘gayest city’ -its close to Hong Kong and local attitudes towards homosexuality are relatively tolerant. Gay and Lesbian visitors to China will therefore not be uncomfortable.

Gay Age of Consent

Not stated

Lesbian Age of Consent

Not Stated

Legal Notes

Chinese law does not explicitly state whether homosexual behavior is legal or illegal. However there are reports of homosexuals being imprisoned on the grounds of other Sections of the Penal Code such as "hooliganism" whic in practice includes homosexual activity.

There is no law protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. Homosexuals therefore face discrimination wuthout redress in employment, housing and other areas. Many gays do not dare to speak out for fear of the consequent humiliation and possible persecution.




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China is a huge country with a varied climate. Generally the best time to visit is Spring (April/May) or Autumn( September/October) when it is not too hot or cold.

The climate can be divided into seven zones; North East China which has cold winters with warm and humid summers; Central China which has warm humid summers with the coastal regions occasionally subject to typhoons; South China where summers are hot and humid with heavy rainfalls between April to September; South West China which is mountainous with summer temperatures moderated by altitude, while the wet winters are mild with little rain; The Tibetan region which is a high plateau where winters are severe with frequent light snow and frost, while summers are warm during the day but drop to extremes at night; The western interior zone which has an arid desert climate with cold winters and rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year; Inner Mongolia which comprises the mountain ranges and semi-desert lowlands has an extreme continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Rainfall is sparce while strong winds in winter and spring make the temperatures even colder.

Average temperature ranges in Shanghai are from 1c to 8c in January to 23c to 32c in July or August.

Beijing, China
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