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Vina del Mar, Concepcion, Valparaiso

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Chile is a country which after years of right wing dictatorship is developing its democracy. In 1998 homosexuality was legalised and since then the gay scene has burgeoned and there have been significant advancements in the fight for gay rights. For example in 2003 the Government tried unsucessfully to pass Partnership legislation.

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Legal Notes

In 1998 following a 7 year campaign new legislation was introduced repealing the section that criminalised homosexuality. The new age of consent for same-sex activities was set at 18 which is higher than that for heterosexual activity.


15.15 million


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The best time to visit Chile is November to March. If you want to visit the far south then January and February are the best months.

Because Chile is so long from north to south, it has a variety of climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to temperate and near polar. Chile has three climatic zones; the north (including the Atacama Desert) which is arid and dry; The central region which is Mediterranean with mild wet winters and long dry summers and the south which is cold and wet with prevailing winds of gale intensity.

Rainfall ranges from almost nothing in the Atacama Desert in the north to 5,080 mm in the south. Average annual temperature ranges in Santiago are from 3c to 14c in July to 12c to 29c in January.

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