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Other Main Cities/Resorts

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City

Scene and Culture

Canada is a liberal country with a very developed gay scene in common with other western countries. Quebec province is the most liberal province in Canada. Pride weeks in Montreal and Toronto are massive events attracting in excess of 800,000 people. Montreal in particular has a huge scene with many bars, clubs and saunas. Montreal will be hosting the 2006 Gay Games. Gay and Lesbian visitors will find Canada a warm and welcoming country to visit.

Gay Age of Consent

18 for Anal Intercourse otherwise 14

Lesbian Age of Consent


Straight Age of Consent

14 (but 18 for anal intercourse)

Legal Notes

Homosexual practices were decriminalised in 1969 with the age of consent being set at 21. Since then, the age of consent for anal intercourse has been lowered to 18 while the age of consent for all other forms of sexual expression (vaginal and oral intercourse) has been lowered to 14. As to anti-discrimination law, at the Federal level Canada has two human rights statutes: the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which addresses the acts of government, and the Human Rights Act which applies to individuals. Both provide protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Up until 2005 same-sex marriage were legal in most of Canada's provinces and territories but in 2005 legislation was passed allowing same sex marriages throughout the country making Canada the fourth country in the world to pass such laws.






The best time to visit Canada (except for winter sports enthusiasts) is May to September.

Canada has a continental climate which is arctic in the north and maritime near the west coast, while near the US border a narrow strip has a temperate climate with cold winters. The north Canadian coast is permanently icebound except for Hudson Bay which is frozen for 9 months of the year. The west coast and some inland valleys have mild winters and mild summers with rainfall occurring throughout the year. On the Atlantic coast the winter temperatures are warmer than those of the interior, but summer temperatures are lower. Much of the southern interior of Canada has high summer temperatures and long cold winters. Average temperature ranges in Ottawa are from -15c to -6c degrees in January to 15c to 26c in July.

Nationwide info
Toronto - May 24th - 27th 2006
Toronto, Ontario